Our Mission

The purpose of our Media Ministry is to use technology with a creative element to produce a spiritual environment that provides people an encounter with Jesus Christ. Our goal is to proclaim the Gospel throughout the world and to serve as a network of worship and fellowship.

Ministry Goals

  • Provide inhouse media technology that will capture anointed moments of the Gospel message in order to share to others through various methods of technology, video and audiovisual devices.
  • Be effective communicators through different media outlets that will have a clear, competent, consistent and trustworthy message that the hearers will have confidence in the Gospel and in the messenger.
  • Broadcast church experience and events to the world by way of various social media platforms, blogging, podcasts, etc.
  • Provide evangelism resources by archiving the messages of Christ to distribute via CD/DVD or digital download from website.
  • To have a powerful presence on the internet that will communicate with people in today’s time.

Ministry Opportunity

If you are interested in serving in the Media Ministry you will have the opportunity to effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through various means of technology, media outlets and social media platforms. This ministry provides the technical support required for our worship services. If you have a heart to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through media technology, the Media Ministry is looking for you. Prior experience is not needed to serve on this ministry. Training will be provided for all volunteers.

Volunteer Positions Available

  • Camera Operator
  • Lighting Tech
  • Livestream Audio Engineer 
  • Presentation Computer Tech
  • Photographer
  • available for rotational positions 

Contact our Director of Media by emailing him at connor@kelleytown.org.