100 Year Anniversary

From a small country church in 1923 to a large, thriving, multigenerational  church in the Hartsville community. We are celebrating the impact of our church and its ministries throughout the decades. 

Join us for our celebration weekend!

October 13th, 14th, and 15th

We are excited to celebrate 

Oct. 13th @6pm

Oct. 14th @6pm

Oct. 15th @10:30 am

Submit Your Memories...

We will be celebrating our 100th anniversary in October of 2023. The
Anniversary Committee requests that members share their remembrances of
church life through the years. Thoughts may include, but not limited to:
How you came to be a member, your salvation and baptism experience, Sunday School and
mission organization experiences, noteworthy leaders, humorous events, your
dream for the future etc.

These remembrances will be compiled in a booklet to become part of our historical archives.